S&ME Accounting Ltd. proudly announces that we provide online tax filing services. Here is a summary of the steps and important things about filing your tax return online. It is highly recommended to give us your authorization for preparing your tax return. By giving us your authorization, we can check your CRA account for information related to your tax return that you may not be aware of. CRA may receive some information from some banks, employers, and other payers that individuals may not have received those slips yet.

Also, some carry forwarded amounts may be available to use from last years that taxpayer does not know or remember. Finally, your representative can compare your last tax return with the current one to check if anything is good to go or not. Having authorization from taxpayers can improve the quality of your tax return.

For those who want an online tax return; please fill out the tax checklist and upload/email your documents.

  • We prepare your tax return according to information you give us. It normally takes about 48 hours to prepare your tax return
  • We will contact you at your convenient time and method to review your tax return.
  • After completing and reviewing your tax file, the final form will be sent to you for e-signature.
  • Please fill these forms first and then click on the Authorization Form link on the next page and fill it out.
    For Level of Authorization: (You can choose level 1 or 2)
    There are two levels of authorizations you can give to your representative for your personal tax purposes:
    ·   get information only (level 1)
    ·   request limited changes and get information (level 2)
    For more information about level of authorization and what your representative can do for you, please check this CRA link and this CRA Link.
  • You can stay home and let us do your tax return online.
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